A recent addition to the Beats Of Polynesia unique realm of entertainment is the hugely popular Polynesian String Band. The ‘String Band’ can transfix any crowd with the unique, exotic sound of traditional ukulele and guitar playing used to accompany the rich, golden voices of our Polynesian men.

The Beats Of Polynesia String Band sings a mixture of traditional upbeat, and slower melodies all designed to accentuate the mood of any event. Within the exciting repertoire of songs, these talented men include music and lyrics from Tahiti, the Cook Islands and Hawai’i.

As an added visual aid to the music, a client may choose to have one Polynesian beauty gracefully dance in accompaniment.

‘Highly recommended as an exotic sound to greet guests. True Island flavour!’

Come and experience the sounds of the Pacific!

Polynesian String Bands Overview:

‘From Tonga to Cook Islands to Tahiti, string bands exemplify the laidback Polynesian attitude toward life. Groups of musicians are still found playing at social gatherings of all kinds: dances, BBQs, kava parties, youth festivals and competitions.

Small choruses sing in a soft falsetto. Bands incorporate various adopted instruments such as the ukulele, the backbone of the string band, and guitar.

Ukuleles and guitars were introduced to Polynesia beginning in the late 1800s, and by the 1920s strumming under palm trees had become a favourite pastime.

Though string bands were initially devoted to playing parties and clubs or backing dance troupes before electricity was widely available, the increasing popularity of electric bands and local pop and hip-hop variations hasn't completely blotted out the large-band format.

If anything, tourism has provided more opportunities for gigging string bands to make a living with many Polynesian restaurants and wedding sites highlighting the region's bands.

National Geographic'

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