Beats Of Polynesia run classes in which all can share in the beautiful cultures of the Pacific. These classes are open to all ages, fitness levels and cultural backgrounds with the emphasis being on fun and having a go! This could lead to performing with the group if so desired.

On offer is also Drumming/Dancing and Pacific Arts and Craft workshops. These are to be held every 4 months and are run by professional and experienced dancers and drummers with International acclaim.


These workshops are also running in schools by members of the group who also happen to be of teaching backgrounds. Committed to the development of the ‘whole child’ as an individual, these teachers run workshops that often incorporate learning and movement that is no longer within the ‘everyday learning’ of children and may not be covered within the national curriculum.

For further information on either the classes or workshops of any kind, please contact Beats of Polynesia.

For further information on Beats of Polynesia, contact;
07780 283 016
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